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Default Chinese apples

terryc wrote
Rod Speed wrote
terryc wrote
gardenlen wrote

yes our gov' have not a lot of say under the rules of the world gov'

They knew that when they signed up, but since very few have any
real world practical skills they had not a clue about the ramifications,

They realised that it helps out exports much more than we have an
import problem, even if you're so stupid you havent even noticed.

That was the theory, but it has done bugger all for exports and
allowed our smaller industries to be driven almost to death.

Thats a pig ignorant lie. The only smaller industries that have gone to the wall
are those that cant possibly compete against vastly cheaper asian labor costs.

like making Australia a complete cess pit like the rest of the world.

You wouldnt know what a real cesspit was if someone tossed you in one, again.

I'll bow to your superior experience.

Any 2 year old could leave that for dead. Get one to help you before posting
again, if anyone is actually stupid enough to let you anywhere near one.