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Default Chinese apples

FarmI wrote
terryc wrote
David Hare-Scott wrote

It is an old schoolyard insult (you could have googled it for many
hits) Does google still work?

that has little meaning. It is just as relevant as calling people
ignorant and illiterate, that is not at all.

If people spend their life not thinking, then that is their decision
to remain ignorant. The information is there for consideration of
those that think.

How do you explain the fact that in this discussion the 'thinking' has resulted in nothing except conspiracy theory
about AQIS being put forward?

Thats a lie.

No cites, just winks and nods and claims about people who
supposedly 'think' but who can't provide any proof when asked.

Another lie. Anyone with even half a clue can check the WTO involvement with apple imports.