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Originally Posted by Steve[_2_] View Post
David Farber wrote:
Steve wrote:
David Farber wrote:
K Barrett wrote:
K Barrett wrote:
David Farber wrote:
Steve wrote:
David Farber wrote:
K Barrett wrote:
David Farber wrote:
I bought this at Costco. The flower had already bloomed but
was well beyond its prime. It's many months later and the
plant looks very healthy. Any idea what kind it is?


Thanks for your reply.
Its an oncidium of some sort. Yes, you are doing a nice job
with it. Congrats!

K Barrett
Hi K.

Thanks for the id. Can you tell from the close up how much
longer it will be until the flowers bloom?

Thanks for your reply.
Hi David,
It looks to me like you should have flowers in a week or two.
Possibly longer. When it does bloom, return here with a link to a
picture of it. Then we can get a more accurate idea of whether
it's a pure Oncidium or a hybrid with something else. My first
thought was that the pseudobulbs were a little tall for a pure
Oncidium, but there are LOTS of different Oncidium species and
hybrids. The flowers will probably tell that story.
Hi Steve,

Thanks for your analysis. I'll post pics of the blooms when they
arrive. --
David Farber
L.A., CA

Steve is right in saying its probably a hybrid of some sort. Costco
wouldn't sell a plain species. You are doing well with yours,
growing a nicely branched inflorescence. The flowers look like
they'll have some sort of tan or reddish brown to them. The
flowers will probably open in about a week. They may start small
then expand over a week's time, getting larger.

Since you are in LA I'll encourage you to try Norman's Orchids (I
think their website is to test if you can resist the
orchid bug, *G*! Sorry I can't recall what city they are in, so its
probably miles from where you are, but at least you can see some
pretty orchid pictures. K Barrett
OOps, I looked at the pic again and it will be a few weeks before
the buds open.

There are two Norman's locations in L.A. One is in Montclair and
there is a sister store in the Flower District of downtown Los
Angeles called, "Orchid Affair." The downtown store has one set of
business hours for wholesalers and another set for regular people.
It's on my to do list. The blooms opened up yesterday. So what do the
experts say?

Thanks for your reply.

Well, a month ago, I said the pseudobulbs looked too elongated to be
pure Oncidium. Now that I see the flowers, I don't see anything there
but Oncidium. It's not exactly like any one I remember seeing in
person. I can't even tell you if it's a species or a hybrid.


Is there a word in the orchid world which is equivalent to the word, "mutt,"
in the dog world?............

Not exactly. A mutt would be a mixture of breeds, not a pure bred.
In the orchid world, we delight in making all sorts of hybrids, in an
attempt to improve on nature. I have to admit that many hybrid attempts
are poorly planned and turn out to be "dogs".
I've heard people who are avid species collectors refer to all hybrid
orchids as mutts.

It looks just like Oncidium Gower Ramsey to me, but we can't just name it
Cheers Wendy