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Default Calcium supplements for tomatoes

Paul M. Cook wrote:
Well, planting season is almost here. I am going to double my tomato crop
this year. I have ready access to oyster shells and crushed coral. How
good of a calcium supplement would these make?

both are fine as longer term amendments.

I grow in pots, 22 inch
pots - 1 plant per pot. I'd like to just mix in a large quantity of either
into my planting soil. I did pretty good last year using a liquid calcium
supplement but it was kind of expensive tedious. Hoping to do something
cheaper and easier this year.

IMO 22 inch pots are not big enough
for some varieties of tomatoes. the
rest of your troubles (with nutrients
and moisture) is because of this.

when you do your new plantings
use bigger pots.

you'll find it will be a help.

check the pH before adding calcium.
you might be pushing the pH too high
and that can also reduce how many
nutrients are available to the plants
(and many other things too).