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Default Calcium supplements for tomatoes

On Mar 21, 3:52*am, "Paul M. Cook" wrote:
Well, planting season is almost here. *I am going to double my tomato crop
this year. *I have ready access to oyster shells and crushed coral. *How
good of a calcium supplement would these make? *I grow in pots, 22 inch
pots - 1 plant per pot. *I'd like to just mix in a large quantity of either
into my planting soil. *I did pretty good last year using a liquid calcium
supplement but it was kind of expensive tedious. *Hoping to do something
cheaper and easier this year.


Oyster shell could make up a good third of your potting mix and
provide calcium and pore space and drainage.

But for calcium to thwart BER a foliar drench of about a gram of
calcium chloride in a gallon of water or a few tablesppons of wood
ashes on the surface of the soil will work.