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Originally Posted by Peter Pan[_5_] View Post
On Apr 28, 8:31 am, Phyllis and Jim wrote:
I just read the article. Fine ideas if you want to clean a pond.
It does not really explain why it is necessary, except by implication,
that you want to get all of the old muck and debris out annually.

If the pond is well designed, you can probably get most of the muck
and debris out with a wet vac and a net. 80-90% would surely be
fine. The cycle they recommend would mean recycling the pond with the
new water. OK, but a pain.

How is your pond laid out? Does it have good filtration? Has it a
deep spot where the muck and debris gathers? Do you care if there is
algae on the sides (It is good for the pond)?

Others may have some great ideas for you.


My pond is 40" in the center and although i had a net on it last fall,
I still managed to get debris at the bottom. Im using a pool net to
skim the debris out. My water is green now ( I know I need to replace
the UV bulb its 3 years old now) And I know I need a larger filtration
A question I have about filtrations Most that I've seen for larger
ponds are Bio and not Mechanical I spoke with a Tetra Sales rep. what
he told me sounds a lot like Bovine fecal Matter. He said " larger
pond over 2000 gal do not require a mechanical filtration system they
need bio only" If that's true, then how do u clean the fine
particals in the water out?

can someone please set me straight on this and suggest a decent
filtration system my pond is roughly 3200 gal +

Thank you
I have a 12,000 Gal pond and use 2 large pondmate Gravity filters with 25 Watt UV bulbs. They have foam which is the mechanical filter and that traps all the sediment, under that layer is the bio media (lava rocks) and they form a biological filter for the beneficial bacteria. I cannot imagine not having all 3 types of filtration that this filter offers. (There are many other brands that offer all 3 types of filtration). Without the UV the water soon goes pea green, without the mechanical filter much of the junk in the water sinks to the bottom and rots or sits in mid water and clouds it, without the biological filter the Ammonia, Nitrates and Nitrites are not kept in check and can change rapidly causing gill damage and loss of fish.
The fine foam filter clears out the smaller debris, the 2nd layer of foam in the mechanical is not as dense and clears the bigger pieces out.