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Default Problem - Nymphaea Maculata (red african tiger lotus lily)

I just received one of these plants by mail order the other day- Nymphaea
Maculata (red african tiger lotus lily)
( I have planted it, and
already a few (2-3) of the 5/6 leaves have fallen off from the base. It is a
very delicate plant which wasnt in *wonderfull* condition when i unwrapped
it. The leaves had a few holes and rips in them and the stem was a bit
bashed where it goes in to the root. There was no rhizome as it is protected
by C.I.T.I.E.S the catalouge says. But it does have healthy looking roots.
Now, im not too bothered about the leaves falling off IF new ones will grow
back from the root. Will this happen do you think?
My water is mature, soft, and has fertilizer added (tropica master grow),
and sufficient light to support other plants i have which require much
higher light intensity (various Rotala species).
Every other plant is thriving!
So what will happen with my lovely new plant?