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Default Problem - Nymphaea Maculata (red african tiger lotus lily)

How deep should i have in planted then? its probably only 1cm from the top
of gravel. Do you think thats ok?
Do you have a preffered make of root tabs? Should it be high iron im looking
I dont have additional CO2 added - but i have fish!!! they do that for me!
Its only a 10g (Uk) tank that is quite heavily stocked, but i think it is
balanced out by the fact it is resonably heavily planted. Thats my theory
anyway and it worls for me!
Sorry for all the questions!
"LeighMo" wrote in message
I have planted it, and
already a few (2-3) of the 5/6 leaves have fallen off from the base.

Don't worry about it. The leaves of this plant are very delicate, and

don't survive shipping. But they'll grow back, very quickly. It will

a new leaf every day, if conditions are to its liking.

In addition to lots of light and CO2, these plants like root

Put a root tab or two in the substrate near it, and it will grow like