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Default Real Freshwater Aquarium Plants

Real freshwater aquarium plants are a true joy for your fish, peculiarly
if you select those found in their natural environment. Most fish today
are captive bred, but even so, they will be more at "home" with plants
from their native habitat.

There are 5 commonly available plant types that you can place in your
freshwater aquarium.

Bulb plants, as a general rule, grow fairly large and are not
appropriate for standard sized freshwater aquariums. The larger
varieties, such as aponogeton or water lily, are more reasonable for use
in outdoor fish ponds.

Some fish species really like floating plants. These are plants that
drift on the surface of your aquarium, providing a great place for young
fry to seek shelter. Fairy Moss and Riccia are two instances of floating
plant species.

Another group to consider using is Rhizomes. They develop very thick
stems horizontally with leaves sprouting from the top. The underside
lies on top of the substrate with the roots venturing into the gravel.
The rhizome grows across the substrate surface, sprouting new segments
with leaves and roots.