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Allen Smith
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Default how many SAEs to buy?

I'd disagree with the above poster and say for your 48 I'd get 3 SAEs
so they have a group. Don't expect them to do much algae eating, just
to keep the BBA in check. For your 15g I would not get any SAEs as
they are large fish unless you have a serious BBA algae problem and
then you can put some in there until the problem is cleared up. I'd
try some more ottos, they are much happier in large groups. Try 6 more
ottos in the 15 gallon and 1 brigessi snail. For the 48g try 3-4
brigessi snails in addition to the SAEs.

"Dave M. Picklyk" wrote in message ...
I was wondering how many SAEs to buy for my 48 gal and 15 gal tank.

In my 48 gallon I have 1 pleco, 2 bronze cats, 5 otos, 9 australian
rainbows, 3 butterfly goodieds.

In my 15 gallon I have 3 otos, 2 bronze cats and one beta.

Especially in my 15 gallon I need to get rid of some hair type algae.