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Richard J. Sexton
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Burlington is just as close, and from time to time throughout the ages
there appears a decent store there, but Charlie Drew lives there. Go
see him and you'll see stuff you only see in books; he almost always
has excess.

He has a huge crypt he got from Shirley's aquatics in the 60's that
nobody seems to know what it is. It's enormous.
Plus he has more Brclaya than anybody I've ever seen. He routinely
breeds things like cardinals, Parasphronemus, odd catfish and thing s
most people have problems with. Neatguy.

Brian Glazier lives up the street from him if you want rare livebearers
or killies.

In article 4,
Haywire wrote:
Hehe, yeah that 10 minutes is brutal, but I guess you don't have a car.
Can't recall if there was a shop in Milton, might get some basic stuff at
walmart I think, but anything special your stuck with coming to

"Pat" wrote in

Any aquarists in Milton, ON? I will be moving to Milton and would
like to know if there are any LFS around or would I have to go all the
way to Mississauga/Brampton?

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