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Default DIY co2 question


I have a 55 gal. aquarium and use 2 one gallon jugs for CO2. I just started
using a Rena Micro Bubbler rather than tubing the CO2 into my filter intake.
It appears to be somewhat more efficient (my pH is lightly lower). It make
very fine bubbles but does chirp a bit, like a flock of birds at a distance.
These are really cheap - like $5.20 for one 6". Problem, they tend to leak
larger bubbles where the end caps meet the bubbler material, so I just used
some silicon glue. They can be purchased through

"I have two one gallon jugs set up for a co2 system, airline tubing from both
into one valve and then tubing with a check valve into the tank. My tank is
filtered with a Fluval 404 canister filter. Can the tubing be run into the
water intake ?. I'm wondering about the co2 traveling through the sponges,
batting, ceramic rings and finally bio max and then out rather forcefully
from the output. Would this work or would it be better to put in sometype of
powerhead and run the tubing into that?
Thx in advance."