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Steve Kreutzer
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Default DIY co2 question

I bought the Diffuser for the Hagen "Natural CO2 system" - actually two of
them. I decided to try the DJ-50 and for me it is far more effective than
the Hagen bubble diffuser. I had to reduce the C02 generation. My pH was
going down to 6.4 and KH 3.3

"Dave" wrote in message
"Rick" empowered us with this mighty blow against
the Patriarchy:

I have two one gallon jugs set up for a co2 system, airline tubing
from both into one valve and then tubing with a check valve into the
tank. My tank is filtered with a Fluval 404 canister filter. Can the
tubing be run into the water intake ?.

Many people do this, although Hagen warns against it. I wrote to them

about this, and a tech support person wrote back saying that the impeller
is meant to run in water, not in a CO2 bubble, and that the motor could
burn out. But evidently a lot of people don't have this problem, so YMMV.

I'm wondering about the co2
traveling through the sponges, batting, ceramic rings and finally bio
max and then out rather forcefully from the output. Would this work or
would it be better to put in sometype of powerhead and run the tubing
into that? Thx in advance.

I think that the Fluval would probably chop up the bubbles and disperse

CO2 better than a powerhead. Some people (including myself) have run

CO2 line into a Duetto DJ50 internal filter and had success. Right now

using the diffuser of the Hagen "Natural CO2 System" (see
) and it works fine. Less visible than the Duetto.