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Default how many SAEs to buy?

On Mon, 20 Jan 2003 22:37:55 +0000 (UTC), "Prakash"

I've got 4 SAE (they are the true Crossocheilus Siamensis and quite small
now) in my 50 gallon tank. They do not seem to eat any of the algae strands
I have (I have to pull these out by hand when I clean the tank - so they
probably will be of no use in getting rid of your hair algae (unless there
is something unique about the SAE I've got).

If you have any better luck pl tell me what you do different because I'm
tired of the hair algae.
"Dave M. Picklyk" wrote in message
I was wondering how many SAEs to buy for my 48 gal and 15 gal tank.

In my 48 gallon I have 1 pleco, 2 bronze cats, 5 otos, 9 australian
rainbows, 3 butterfly goodieds.

In my 15 gallon I have 3 otos, 2 bronze cats and one beta.

Especially in my 15 gallon I need to get rid of some hair type algae.


How big are they? If they are small get all you can get. I have a 55
heavily planted tank and started out with 7 little ones and now have 2
big ones.No idea what happened to the rest but they were very
small-under 2 inches.They might have jumped out behind the tank.