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Default Error in Calculating Watts perl Gal/lit??

(55W X 2) + 40W = 150W
150W / 55g = 2.7W/g
Right on!


"Daniel Whiting" wrote in message
Well, each half of the 55 gal would be its "own" tank 27.5 gals each,
right? And each section has a 55 watt bulb.. So each side would have 2
watts/gal. The 40 watt bulb means an extra 20 watts are on each side, so
75 watts per 27.5 gals, so 2.7 wpg? Or is my logic flawed?

Richmond wrote:
Just wondering am I (are we) making an error when calculating

Mine is a 55 USGal tank, 49" length, with two section 24" each
separated by a metal frame. I have two 55 watts PCF bulbs (22"), each
covering a section. Now my tank is 1 watt/gal or 2 watts/gal ??

I also have a 40 watts (48") bulb which covers entire tank. So
logically my tank is 1.7 watts/gal and not 2.7 watts/gal. Is that

Thank You