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Default Identify small tree

"Paul" wrote in message
Paul O.
"Brooklyn1" Gravesend1 wrote in message
On Mon, 27 Jun 2011 08:20:56 -0700, "Paul" wrote:

Anyone have any idea what it is?

Everything about it, it's fern-like leaves (the leaves close/contract
when touched), and especially those pink fluffy flowers prove it's a
mimosa tree... attractive but can be messy/invasive. Many years ago I
had a mature one growing in my front yard... I do not recommend this
tree... I were you I'd immediately pluck it.

Thanks. It's currently in a large pot where a bird must have dropped a
seed. When it outgrows the pot, I'll get rid of it, don't want it
spreading. Maybe I should get it out of here anyway, before it spreads
it's seeds.

I'd keep it.