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linda mar
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Default Hard:Alkaline::Soft:Acid ??? (was Amazon sword?)

yup. that's pretty close to our numbers as well. about 50ppm average
(low=20, high~100), and pH is like 9.3 average.. the tank is 8, so either
the fish/plants/driftwood is altering the water, or just going from our tub
to the tank changes the pH.. don't know which (since I don't have the
capability to check pH yet)


"Victor M. Martinez" wrote in message
my tank is very soft (based on city water info), and alkaline (pH~8
according to my LFS.

That's odd. Soft water is usually acid, hard water is usually alkaline.

Our local water supply has the following numbers from the city's webpage):

gH = 82ppm = 4.6 degrees
kH = 52ppm = 2.9 degrees
pH = 9.7

Victor M. Martinez