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Adel (Ed) Nazzal
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Default B. Nodosa: to repot or not?


Last summer I bought a Brassavola Nodosa in a very small--less than 3"
in diameter--clay pot. The plant now has one flower, and there are more
coming. There is a lot of new growth too. However, the roots have grown
into the clay pot, and when I watered it, the water did not flow
through--it pooled on top and then very slowly drained, which makes me
think that the media has broken down.

I've always heard that orchids should repotted after blooming, but in
this case, that might be some months from now. The plant looks very
healthy in every way, but I'm worried that if I ignore the drainage
problem, I'm courting disaster. Should I repot now?

Thanks for any advice.

If the media is that dense you will get root damage very soon if you have
not yet already. I grow mostly paphs, and I have repoted them in all stages
of life, in bud, in flower and with a seed pod. I have not seen any
negative effects. If the roots are damaged you WILL see negative effects on
the plant. I would take a chance on loosing the flowers rather than loosing
the plant.

Happy Growing