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Default Orchid assistance requested.

On 10/28/2011 12:21 PM, octatonic wrote:
Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my orchid and how to treat it?
The orchid is inside in potting mix.
We are trying not to over-water the plant.
I did put a few drops of Orchid Grow in the pot about 3 weeks ago.
Any ideas gratefully received.

|Filename: IMG00127-20111028-2000.jpg |
|Filename: IMG00126-20111028-1959.jpg |

Pull it out of the mix and inspect the roots. It looks like typical rot
from over watering. That could be the potting mix or the pot not
allowing thorough drainage. If the roots are sound, wash the plant and
remove the rotted stuff and replant in airy medium (we use bark chunks)
in a self draining pot (we use plastic post with side and bottom holes
and just set that in a decorative pot to keep the drainage from going
all over). If you think you have a fungus, try some cinnamon powder
sprinkled over the area. It works great for me!

Good luck.