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Frank Mamone
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Default Nutrafin CO2 system

I have the same one, and I have stopped using the canister and now use my
own bottle. It's best just to buy the diffusor.

"Eric Schreiber" wrote in message
"Carmine J. Ventura JR" wrote:

Does anyone out there have a nutrafin CO2 system ? What EXACTLY are in

CO2 stabilizer and CO2 activator packets? Any feed back as to weather

system is good or bad, please reply.

I've got just the diffuser/bubble counter, and I like it a lot. You
can easily see that CO2 is being dissolved into the tank, as the
bubbles get much smaller as they work toward the top of the diffuser.

I'd recommend just get the diffuser by itself (petsolutions item
number 15517698), and use a yeast-in-a-bottle DIY CO2 with it.