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Frank Mamone
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Default Nutrafin CO2 system

I don't think the baking soda is meant to do that. I think it's to help keep
your PH stable by adding carbonate to your water.

"linda mar" wrote in message
I understand yeast, but how does the baking soda help prevention of excess
pressure build up?


"Ross Vandegrift" wrote in message
In article , Carmine J.

Ventura JR wrote:
Does anyone out there have a nutrafin CO2 system ? What EXACTLY are in

CO2 stabilizer and CO2 activator packets? Any feed back as to weather

system is good or bad, please reply.

Yeast and baking soda. It's good for tanks when you want the assurance
that you won't blow up a tank of yeast and sugar all over your house.

I've gotten good use out of mine, but if I had to go again, I'd skip it.
It's just been too easy to do the exact same thing with a soda bottle
and homemade diffuser.

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