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Default Black beard algae problem

"dGH" wrote in message ...
I believe this is the type of algae I have. Someone posted a picture of it
a while back, but I can't find the post. It is thin, stringy, black, and
about 2" long.

It is completely taking over my tank, and I am at a loss as to why. I
thought I had a micronutrient problem, so I upped the dose of TMG. The
plants are growing SO fast, that I wonder how the algae can keep up. My
echinodorus bleheri was 5" tall a month ago. It is now 15" tall. I also
have Hygrophila Rosanervig which I have to throw out about 6" a week.

This dang algae is completely covering the echinodorus, the hygro, the java
fern, and the java moss. I keep pulling out all the affected leaves, but it
doesn't stop. The tank is a 20 gal, so I can't get any SAEs.

ph - 6.6
kh -2
light - 55W PC on for 14 hours/day

Any ideas?

CO2, CO2 and CO2. Try upping the CO2 and keeping at a higher level
_consistently_. Dose some KNO3 etc also if the NO3 or fish load is
Stay away from jobes sticks etc. Use KNO3, K2SO4, KH2PO4 and TMG for
the nutrients.

See DWF plant article on estimatibe index for dosing ideas.
Tom Barr