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Default B. Nodosa: to repot or not?

I agree with Sue - I would break off the pot and move the whole thing into a
wooden slat basket without further disturbance to the root system.


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"Susan Erickson" wrote in message
On Wed, 26 Feb 2003 10:15:56 -0800, "Adel (Ed) Nazzal"

If the media is that dense you will get root damage very soon if you have
not yet already. I grow mostly paphs, and I have repoted them in all

of life, in bud, in flower and with a seed pod. I have not seen any
negative effects. If the roots are damaged you WILL see negative effects

the plant. I would take a chance on loosing the flowers rather than

the plant.

Happy Growing

If you think this one is being damaged by bad media... you said
it was in clay. Crack the bottom off the pot. This will allow the
bad media out, release some of the roots and allow air in.
Soak the pot first to help loosen up the roots. If the entire
pot shatters repot. If this just allows the drainage to happen,
enjoy and repot when the flowers are done.

You can fasten it to a slab. These plants like openness, baskets,
and mounts. I have 2 that I got at the same time. The one in a
basket is now twice the size of the one in the pot. It had more
blooms and they lasted longer.