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Default Advice for Complete Novice

JonnyBeBad wrote:
'David Hare-Scott[_2_ Wrote:
;953363']JonnyBeBad wrote:-
Last year I managed to successfully grow some very nice chillies in a
pot on the kitchen window ledge. Having managed to grow something
from seed that I could actually eat gave me the bug, so much so that
this year I've already planted 3 types of chilli, a variety of
mini cucumbers and both yellow and red cherry tomatoes suitable for
hanging baskets.

Unfortunately, with my garden undergoing major reconstruction, I'm
having to grow in either hanging baskets, tubs or pots.

I am also looking to grow some peas and if possible strawberries and
blueberries but the advice I'm looking for now is:

a) Do tomatoes in hanging baskets require protection from birds,
etc.? b) What is the best way to protect fruit in pots from birds and

The style that you grow them in makes no difference, if you have
birds in the area they will eat your tomatoes and berries. The

protection is bird net. It is a synthetic mesh about 1 1/2 to 2 cm
usually white, available in a variety of widths. You should be able
to buy
it at any decent nursery. Try to stand it off the plants somewhat

string or sticks or the enterprising birds will snack through the

Insects are another matter, it depends on what they are. The above
mesh can
be of *some* use as it keeps out moths and butterflies but it doesn't
out smaller types.


Thanks David, That's great advice. I'm guessing I shouldn't have any
trouble with birds attacking my chillies!

Don't bet on it. Some birds have fireproof mouths. I had an acquaintance
who had caged birds who fed them chillis and they seemd to like it.

Here's to a fruitful Summer!