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Default Advice for Complete Novice

In article , says...
David Hare-Scott wrote:
JonnyBeBad wrote:

Thanks David, That's great advice. I'm guessing I shouldn't
have any trouble with birds attacking my chillies!

Don't bet on it. Some birds have fireproof mouths. I had an
acquaintance who had caged birds who fed them chillis and they
seemd to like it.

I grow Habeneros and can tell you only humans are dumb enough
to eat hot peppers. Ten years ago I ringed my neighbors garden
with them and garlic. He had the best harvest ever!

Birds are immune to capsaicin. -- There was some other reason he had the
best harvest ever. eg. colder winter, better rain, fewer birds, fewer
bugs, better soil conditions, more attention to the garden, etc.