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Default A source for seed for field crops

"Charles Burton" wrote in message
Some time ago there were some quesitons asked about where to purchase
small quantities of seed for grains and grasses. There are all kinds
of local suppliers throughout the corn belt for these seeds, but most
of them (including the one we use) really are not set up for mail

I got a new catalog today from a place that mostly sells full bags
(generally 50 pounds) of seed but that says they are happy to weigh
out and ship smaller orders for a nominal extra charge. They carry
wheat, oats, barley, and the other small grains, grasses, legumes,
some wildflowers, and a discount brand of corn and soybeans. And a few
other things, really a pretty full lineup. For some varieties they
have both organic and regular. Their prices are much more reasonable
than Johnny's and the other vegetable seed places. They have an
online catalog at

Now I have not purchased anything from them and don't know a thing
about them except that their catalog came in the mail, so it's not
like I'm endorsing them or anything. Caveat emptor.

Happy growing


Another source for seeds that are a little different is to go to a health
food store buy organic open pollinated seeds. They are selling them for
consumption but the germination rate is very good and they are definitely
untreated. I live in the sticks but travel a three state area on a regular
basis so I end up shopping for field crop seeds in Knoxville, TN, cast iron
in South Pittsburgh, TN (home of Lodge and their outlet store), and herb
seeds in Charlotte, NC.