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Mark Hill
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Default [IBC] FW: [IBC] Mastering Technique (Was [IBC] proposal)

John .....

Thanks for your condensed version of "The Life of a Bonsai Enthusiast"

Here in central PA, where it's currently 25 degrees and the snow is
still falling in large quantities, I'm stuck at your "Because it's still
winter" step !!

I've visited the local nurseries, but they too are covered in snow, so I
can't even select some Potensai for the coming spring.

Collecting is out of the question, unless I don snow shoes and thick
winter gloves !

I guess all I can do is educate myself by reading lots of books and
taking lots of classes with Jim Doyle here in central PA, and visit many
web sites for inspiration, and wait .....

I keep myself busy (and my wife amused) by planning where my greenhouse
will go, how many shelves I'll need, and drooling over all the shiny
tools I'll be needing.

According to your summary, in 25 years, I'll have something to show.
Lets see ..... I'm 53 years old now, plus 25 years .... Yikes !!! I'll
be 77 years old before I can show something.

I hope I'm still strong enough to lift the watering can !!

Thanks for the inspiration.
Looks like I'm in this for the long-haul.

Mark Hill - Mechanicsburg, PA - Zone 6 (feels like Zone 1)

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Any of this sound familiar?


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