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Default Rhubarb Millionaires?

mogga wrote in

On Tue, 22 May 2012 16:33:29 +0100, "Jamie D."

It is shockingly dear this year.

I have grown some from seed:


I've recently planted some rhubarb crowns (only one of which is
showing any signs of life) and am aware that I shouldn't take any
stalks this year (or next, at any rate) to allow it to get

Out of curiosity, how long do you anticipate rhubarb from seed taking
before reaching a stage where you can harvest from it?

Planted seeds a few months ago so probably 2014 and then only very
lightly then.

I think it's well worth letting it establish. Neighbour and I planted
crowns at same time - he harvested a year before I did. Mine is much
bigger than his this year. Probably 3 times the size.

Harvest a few of those plants early PLEASE.

There is not much sense in growing the crown to maximum size and then
splitting it into bits. Is there?

Harvest some of it as soon as it looks like it needs a nice bit of
crumble on top. Don't deny yourself the pleasures of a young rhubarb
plant or two.

Rhubarb is the only veg. I had experience with before I started growing
all the other stuff that I could. My late mother and dad grew up in
Yorkshire and worked for a well known grower during their school holidays
when they were kids.
Doesn't make me an expert, but I grow some realy nice rhubarb and by the
time many gardeners have denied themselves some very expensive, sought
after stems, my crowns are often dug up by me and given away after the
first 3 years crop to a person I know who likes forcing rhubarb.

Best wishes.