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Default Lawnmower Questions - Gas vs. Electric for Replacing 30 year old too haevy mower.

"Paul Drahn" wrote in message
On 6/19/2012 9:31 AM, Dennis Mayer wrote:
On 2/17/2008 6:39 PM, jJim McLaughlin wrote:
The almost 30 year old Sears gas mower with the huge 3.5 hp Tecumseh
is again in need of a rebuild. Needs a new deck as rust has just aout
killed the
current (second) deck. Also needs a repair to the dead man cable.

I've replaced the deck before, and done the cable repairs. Its no big
but it kills a day after Sears sends the parts

The engine in this thing runs well, though by current lanwmower
standards it is
underpowered at 3.5 nominal hp.

Parts are going to run about $120.00 with shipping.

So I'm thinking about replacing it. Its a heavy sucker to yank around
the yard,
it gets heavier each year, and I'm not getting any younger. It used to
have a chain powered drive,
but the drive was very unreliable and I took it off. Still have all the
parts in a
box here somewhere.

Grass area in back is abot 90 feet wide, about 40 ft from the house to
the back fence.
Out of that theres a 16 foot x 24 foot vegetable garden. Back slopes a
little bit in the
west corner, maybe 4 foot down from the house to the back fence.

Front is a kidney shaped almost level piece, maybe 60 feet wide and
maybe 20 feet fro street to where the flowers start. Again at the far
west side that slopes maybe 2 foot down from the street.

There are two side strips. East side is level, about 5 foot wide and
maybe 30 foot deep.
West side is about 15 feet wide, again about 30 feet deep, and slopes a
*lot*, maybe 8
feet over that 30 foot depth.

So, gas or electric? Any specific models you'd recommend or avoid.
And no, a hand powered reel mower is not an option. Cut far too many
patches as a kid 60 years ago with one of those. I don't want to work
that hard.

I want to bag clippings. I compost a lot for that veggie garden. I
don't want a "mulching" mower.

I do intnd to look, Tuesday when hey reopen, at the local library for
the most recent Consumer reports stuff on mowers.

Please give me your thoughts and recommendations.

Thank you!

Jim M......

The best 21" powered push mower on the Market is the Sears 3 in 1, 190cc
4 stroke motor, Big wheels, 50 State version which is easy Start (2 easy
pulls maximum!!) Please add the proper amount of OIL...

Weight is 70 Lbs... Color is Red with Black trim.... Price is about
$220.... Lower if on Sale....

Handle assembly is tricky... But the Unit works extremely well !!!
Unit is both quiet & has a nice water hose under deck cleaning system..

Give it a Try..... I love my identical New Sears push mower..

Dennis M from GBay, WI

Hi, Dennis.
I will concur with your statements. My old Sears 21 inch with a Tecumsey
engine refused to restart last Saturday afternoon. I drove into town and
bought the unit you referred to. Paid $232, and that was the sale price.

Assembly was easy and I did add oil! Started on second pull. After that,
starts on first pull. Have to keep the base cleaned and painted. It seems
really thin.

Should have bought it earlier, rather than fussing with the old machine.

Paul in Central Oregon

I have a 20 year old Honda, it has never been serviced other than a change
of oil now and then. Still starts on first pull. You can tell it was built
by a motorbike company as they chromed the muffler.