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Default Lawn Issue

alliumgrower said:

Hello, can someone help. I have a lawn that is covered in the yellow
flower shown in the photo. What can I do to remove this?

Can someone give me some tips for a healthy lawn!

|Filename: IMG_0348.jpg |

Not oxalis. I think it is likely medic, in the clover family. The flowers are
in little clusters. (Oxalis bears simple, open flowers with five petals.)

Medic a summer annual weed (in cold-winter climates), and a legume.
Seeds very vigorously.

Indicator of: compacted soil, low nitrogen, close mowing or erratic
mowing , irregular irrigation.

What you can do now:
Hand pull (lift the strands back to the center of the patch) before
it goes to seed.

Pat in Plymouth MI

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