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greenhorn wrote:
Hi Everybody,

New to forum site..Im'e a greenhorn when it comes to gardening, so
hope i can get some advise regarding laying a new lawn. The area to
be laid is roughly is 40'x12' and covered with pebbles with membrane
underneath, which has been down for quite a few years. Once iv'e
taken up the pebbles and membrane what id'e like to know is what to
do advise would be much appreciated.

Best time to do this is in the fall. Doing it in the summer will require
significant water over the summer, or it will die (depending on where tou are).

Test soil, add nutrients, compost, etc as needed. A good nursery can help with
this. Well prepared soil will make your lawn lower mainatinence later.

Till the nutients in.

Use a landscapers rake (very wide) to smooth it. Roll it, Rake it, Roll it, rake
it, until the area is smooth and evenly "firm". If it is softer in some areas,
you will end up with dips there later.

Rake the rolled surface lightly to loosen the very top, then seed or sod. rake
the seed in lightly, then roll it lightly. Then keep it damp, not wet, until it
roots in. With seed, I've had good luck setting a timer to water it for 5
minutes morning, noon, and mid afternoon till it sprouts, so the seed never
dries out. If using seed, wait until it is 3 inches tall before mowing. Taper
watering to once a week watering heavily (1"/week). This helps the roots seek
deeper water, to build better drought tolerance.