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Kostas Kavoussanakis
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Default Caterpillars on Hollyhocks

On Sat, 19 Apr 2003, Kay Easton wrote:

In article . hx, Kostas
Kavoussanakis writes

I think that I read (after the previous answers on my problem) that
Hollyhocks and Marrows share this kind of rust, which is specific to

Obviously not an expert.

Are you sure you meant 'marrows' and not 'mallows'?
Hollyhocks are in the mallow family (mallow as in marshmallow, which
used to be made from IIRC the roots of the marsh mallow plant)

You are of course right (sans voir). Thanks for the correction and
apologies for any confusion.

p.s.: I will post the URL of pictures of the Caterpillars soon, in
case you are interested.