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Lee Brouillet
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Default Toads, toads, and more toads....

Tadpoles, yes. Toadpoles, no. Toads do the "black pearl necklace" thing;
frogs do clumps of eggs. Frogs are fair game and tasty; toads are just plain
yucky-poo from the start!


"Cybe R. Wizard" wrote in message
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On Wed, 23 Apr 2003 07:59:26 -0500, Lee Brouillet wrote:

Koi don't eat
tad/toadpoles; in fact, I've actually seen mine spit them out when
they're eating!

Mine seem to slurp them up pretty handily until they (tadpoles) reach
a certain stage of development, after which they (koi) won't touch
them. It maybe has to do with the 'poison' gland development in toads
and frogs?

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