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If you are talking about "European Blackberries" here in the US, It's not
easy. I really don't know of any natural alternative. I had two and one-half
acres of the stuff (12'-15' tall) in Oregon and I had to get chemical! I
used a brush hog and round-up, stacked up the dead stuff and burned it.

My neighbor had a similar "field of dreams" (nightmares) and attacked it
differently. He brought in a bulldozer and cut a path to the center (wearing
motorcycle leathers and helmet for protection). When he got there, he set a
post and attached a chain. He connected the chain to his tractor and started
driving in a circle around the field. This mowed it down and THEN he used
"Round up".

Minor differences, but the stuff is pretty aggressive in certain parts of
the country.

How much do you have, and what part of the country?


"Jessica" wrote in message
Any tips on getting rid of blackberry bushes? I'm open to use of chemicals
but would early use a more natural alternative.