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Man, still new to these newsgroups. I tried to reply to you but I get a
message saying i need to make a profile in Outlook. Strange.

I live in Northwest Washington in the forest. The blackberries are few
compared to other nuisances like the alders. The reason I ask is that there
are many stumps of once mighty cedar trees on my property. They're quite
beautiful except for blackberry bushes crawling on them.

After I posted this message I met a lady who told me that her mother used to
dig deep into the ground where the roots are and lay rock salt. She said
they never came back. I may try this but I hope it won't kill anything else
as I'd love to plant some phlox or ivy.

"Jessica" wrote in message
Any tips on getting rid of blackberry bushes? I'm open to use of chemicals
but would early use a more natural alternative.