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Default New Koi Owner

I just moved to a new home that included a pond with 6 koi....fairly
large koi (about 8"?). The pond is concrete lined, oval shaped and
about 600 gal. The previous owner "winterized", which amounts to
shutting off the pump/filter. He is knowledgeable and available for
questions, but I'd also like to find other ponders in the area ) This
is north-central Indiana. We guess the pond depth at about 2-2.5';
should have measured, but moved late fall and it's been busy-busy-busy
since. I have always wanted a pond, and this one is a surprise. We
aren't feeding the koi, although I have read that some do feed during
winter. So far, all that I have done is clean some of the gunk (leaves)
from the bottom....that stirred up so much sediment that I was afraid it
would harm gills, so did not proceed since the pump is shut down. I was
gifted with a nice 100w heater and just started that up two days
ago...the pond is iced over, but the heater is apparently doing it's
job. I lived in warm climate for a number of years, but remember
Indiana winters with 25o below! I am told that koi can freeze solid and
survive....I have no idea ) We are not inclined to spend a great deal
to keep koi, but would like to keep them healthy. Hope to change
landscaping around pond to more natural plants and get some water lilies
and other water plants. May eventually enlarge the pond, doing work