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Michael Saunby
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"H" wrote in message
"One wasp" at this time of year is usually a queen out of hibernation

Been having my usual flight of wasps coming to my pond to collect water

a while now.

Now that doesn't seem very likely. As a beekeeper, and having had visitors
to my home in the past declare "those are bees?? - I thought those were
wasps" I do rather despair at many folks ability to distinguish in even a
very basic way between wasps, honey bees and solitary bees. Honey bees
have been flying in large numbers for many weeks now - ours have been
enjoying the gorse and willow flowers.

I'll admit that wasps can be a nuisance to those with fruit trees, and to
many others in the autumn when they disperse. But even hornets are rarely a
problem for most folk - we get them here and they will raid beehives, but I
wouldn't kill them.

Michael Saunby