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Default Shall we move to social media?

Its not about the money or the workload.. there are less than 70 posts in the entire last year. About one post every 4 days, if you average that out.

The group no longer really offers a valuable information base for new users, and everyone has pretty much moved on. The idea was to take it someone with more traffic and higher visibility, like facebook.

IMHO the purpose of the group was to be offer information and tips for those seeking assistance, but obviously, the world has moved on past usenet discussions to web based forums and social media like facebook.

(Personally, I really like forums, but thats a lot more work than usenet moderation, and frankly, I don;t think the traffic we have warrants the effort.)

I'll happily moderate as long as the group decides to keep it, but as I said, I think the wolrd has moved beyond usenet discussions.