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Default Spring Ponding

On 4/15/2013 9:47 PM, JB wrote:
On 4/3/2013 11:01 AM, ~ jan wrote:
The PNW has been beautiful the last couple of days. My spring break
this week so I've been busy cleaning up the yard. Pond were opened up
Friday and Sunday took the flow off of by-pass. Going over the waterfall

Frogs showed up last night. We've had temps 10 degrees higher than the
norms, so it has been really nice and is suppose to stay warm for the
several days, though it will be a few degrees lower. I won't complain.

Hope you're Easter and spring are starting out as wonderful. ~ jan
Zone 7a, SE Washington State

My fish are becoming active and getting hungry. Did a couple of feedings
of Cheerios and now they're on to the good stuff. Going to place another
order for some high dollar Koi food. Anyone care to have that discussion
again? You know the one where we debate the merits, or lack of, in
feeding one type of fish food over another? ;-)


I'm not going to debate...would love to hear more about how much, when
and what to feed.

This is my first spring with a pond, inherited with our new home. Six
koi, est. about 6-8" each.

I've only had a few warmish days (north central Indiana) to clean and
make repairs to water lines. I seem to have water loss in a buried line
between the pump and the there a general guide (or
tables?) that estimate normal evaporation? My pond is about 6x10', egg
shaped and about 18" deep at the center.

Water is too murky to visualize fish clearly, but there seemed to be a
little dark colored (koi, I hope) chasing a golden one the other day.
Mating behavior? Hungry bass?

When I went to Lowes few days ago, the clerk shared that he had been a
ponder in Ohio, and used barley straw in mesh bags to control algae and
that it worked very well. I have some products, food and water
treatment, left by the previous owner, so I am in relatively good shape.