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Default Planter boxes and ideas for limited space

Timothy wrote:

One planter that I've seen was a set of stairs that was salvaged from the
dump. They were put up against wall and boxes were built right on top of
the stairs. You could make your own planter rather easily. You should be
able to purchase stair risers (think that's what their called) at most any
lumber store. If you could afford cedar to build the boxes out of great,
but you could make them out of pine and still get 8+ years out of them.
I'd say 3 risers, 13 2x8x12 pine/cedar boards, a pound of nails and a
strong wall would make a good planter. That would make four 6 foot
planters. You'll need more lumber if you wish to make it free standing.


Thx -- FWIW I did a search on "wood pallets" to see if I could find out what
type of lumber they were made of, and if the wood was treated or not. I've
seen old ones dumped in forests and fields apparently not becoming
biodegradable too quickly -- leading me to wonder if the wood used is treated,
or just resistant to rot. If the latter, it might make a good material for
gardening use.

At any rate, what my search revealed was that there is apparently a big problem
with these things taking up space in landfills. If the wood is indeed of
durable quality, perhaps some enterprising person ought to consider taking
advantage of this opportunity and recycle them into rustic-looking garden boxes
and other useful items. (Sort of like what was done awhile back with old