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Judy Konopka
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Default Toads, toads, and more toads....

Wow, that sounds like my socks!

"Lee Brouillet" wrote in message
Around here, we get Southern Toads and they sing their little hearts out!

like the noise, just not what they do. Koi don't eat tad/toadpoles; in

I've actually seen mine spit them out when they're eating! You will have a
gazillion toadpoles when you leave for work one morning, and when you get
home - they're GONE! Poof! My favorite analogy is the 7th Plague of

Egypt -
you'd think you'd have toads all over the place! But you won't see nary a
one . . . it's a mystery! BTW, my grandson thinks the big ones are giving
the little ones swimming lessons . . . s


"Szpond" wrote in message
Wow! My son and I counted over 20 mating toads in the pond! Boy are

mating calls loud. Was pretty neat to see. Now there are absolutely

of eggs in the pond! Anyone know how long before we are going to be

by tadpoles??? Cathy