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Default What digs big tunnels in the lawn?

"Simon Avery" wrote in message
nightjar wrote:

Hello nightjar

Rabbits, foxes (digging for worms), badgers (same),
australian mole...

n Thanks for the suggestions.

Well, maybe apart from the mole one.

n I should, perhaps, have stated that this is in a well
n established urban area. The hole looks too small for a
n badger and, if it is a rabbit, it is one that doesn't leave
n droppings. An urban fox seems the most probable and, given
n that I cannot see the ends of the tunnels, I wonder whether
n it is a den. I'll have to take a closer look.

9" is a bit small for a fox den, normally 12-18" entrance holes and a
lot of spoil - they also prefer digging into a slope rather than a
flat area.

This lawn is anything but flat. It is more a series of grassy hillocks. :-(

Plus, urban foxes are, I think, more likely to den under sheds,
outbuildings etc. It's hard work to dig and they aren't stupid.

Bit of a puzzler. May I suggest a PIR and a late night to see who's at

A mirror and a torch showed me that the tunnels end just out of sight. There
are also other smaller scuffs in the lawn that I had missed the first time
around. It seems your suggestion of a fox digging out earth worms is


Colin Bignell