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Default What I've learnt about Radishes

My favourite is French Breakfast and they need quicker growth in warmer soil
for a tender, snappy radish lol

Steve Harris wrote:
: 1. The amount of foliage is a VERY poor guide to the progress of the
: bulb.
: 2. The ones I planted mid-January under cloches produced much more
: foliage than later ones. I've just had a large and tender "Saxa" sown
: early March with only about 3" leaves.
: 3. With the round ones, push the leaves to one side to see the top of
: the bulb bulging out of the soil. Very easy to estimate the size of
: the whole bulb
: 4. With a round one like Saxa, the leaves, bulb and stringy root are
: clearly defined and easy in the kitchen.
: 5. "Long White Icicle" does taste nicer but lacks all the practical
: advantages mentioned above.
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