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On 08/01/2013 01:57 PM, mj wrote:
How did your gardens go this summer?

A cool spring followed by an overly-wet early summer was unkind to our
crops. In past years our earliest tomato harvest was June 20; this year
it was July 20. At present we are getting plentiful harvests of
cucumbers and Asian eggplants. Basil was good but is starting to bolt.
Squash (Zucchini and Lebanese) are adequate but we see Squash Borer
damage and know the end is near. Tomatoes are still too few. Peppers
are struggling. Weeds are doing quite well.

We've always had insect pests and prefer to cope by hand-picking. It's
not that we are gung-ho 100% organic, but have a preference to avoid
chemicals as much as possible. Don't want to harm beneficial insects
such as Ladybugs and the neighbor's honeybees. This year we've had less
trouble with flea beetles but more of the little white creepy-crawlies
(don't know the proper name). Lots of Colorado Potato Beetles, a few
Tomato Hornworms, no Striped Blister Beetles yet. Kudzu Bugs are
numerous on nearby kudzu vines but have not been seen in the garden.

Daniel B. Martin
Apex NC