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Hod did your gardens go this summer? I did fairly well but it was no banner year for zucchini, yellow and cucumbers. I have round 2 started now and am crossing my fingers. In good news some of the winter squash that I didn't think even germinated produced a few. The peppers are the best I have ever grown. I tried using Epsom Salts and am very impressed.
The electric fence I put around the Rose Garden was also a huge success. I have had some beautiful roses and they will produce until October usually.
Would love to hear from fellow local gardeners !

Sweet peppers have done okay.
Hot peppers have done very well.
Cucumbers have done well.
Zuccinni did enough to get a zuccini bread out of it.
Yellow cherry tomatoes have been prolific.
Still waiting for the other tomatoes to get ripe. The polish paste
tomato looks prolific... but hasn't produced much ripe fruit yet.
Stump of the world took forever to set fruit. And the volunteer
brandywyne has set a lot of fruit, bit it isn't ripe yet.

Correction, got one brandywine tomato today.

I also have a volunteer dwarf tomato that's yet to set fruit.

It's set fruit some, but the deer keep eating the plant.

Beans did an okay couple of batches then fizzled.
Field peas have been a disappointment.
Cantaloupes looked good, then got eaten by a critter.

And eggplant has done better than it ever has for me.

Pumpkins... pumpkins are happy.
Delicata squash... are happy.