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Default sandemans seeds

Emery that name as soon as I saw it rang alarm bells, I feel sure that they,
or a very similar name have been slated something horrible by uglers. I am
sorry if I am wrong, but forewarned is forearmed if I am right.

I don't know how to do a search on newsgroups and forums and there has been
some rubbish about archives but if it's there, someone will find it.

Wrong orders and lack of germination is coming to the fore.


"Emery Davis" wrote in message ...

Does anyone have any experience with them?

They have an interesting selection of maple seeds, including the A. nigrum
that I was looking for a while ago here. I ran across a fellow who is
selling some plants (although not that one) grown from their seeds, and
thought I might try an order. Not all the taxa are correctly named, and
the nursery I spoke to could tell me nothing about the provenance, or
whether what he was selling was true to type for that matter...

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