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Default Non-observant!

"Sacha" wrote in message
On 2013-09-06 23:53:40 +0100, Christina Websell said:

"Sacha" wrote in message
On 2013-09-05 21:00:01 +0100, Christina Websell said:

I also didn't notice a blackbird's nest right near my kitchen window in
the buddliea until the day I noticed the female with some food in her
beak. The babies fledged that day.
Duh! and I call myself a birdwatcher..


I just wonder how long it is before they fly the nest. Every day we
wake up, expecting them to be gone, because they're so large their
living conditions must be very uncomfortable! But while there's a lot of
wing flapping and so forth going on, and one of them hopped out onto a
branch yesterday, they're still in the nest and this morning, mum was
feeding them! This must be the avian equivalent of teenagers emptying
the fridge and leaving wet towels all over the floor before they leave
home. I am *fascinated* that they sit there and watch us through the
window and appear entirely unworried or afraid. Do you know how long it
is before they fly? They appear to be fully fledged. I'll try to get a
photo of them but the overgrowth of the rose makes it very difficult to
make a clear photo of the birds which indicates their distance from our

All pigeon babies look big quite quickly once their feathers have grown.
The parents will feed them for 4 weeks at least (in or out of the nest),
wood pigeons are very good parents.
I'm guessing that yours are around 3 weeks old and will fledge very soon.

They've gone! We drew back the curtains this morning and empty-nest
syndrome hit us. We feel quite bereft. My guess is they took off very
early this morning.

You still might see the parents feeding them in nearby trees for a while so
don't feel bereft just yet ;-)