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Default Tomato Losetto F1

On Sun, 29 Sep 2013 22:29:46 +0100, "Bob Hobden"

JonH wrote ...

"Bob Hobden" wrote:

A new blight resistant determinate cherry tomato available from most seed
merchants. Anyone grown it yet?
Usually only grow Ferline and Fantasio, both blight resistant, and
occasionally Legend which only has a little blight resistance. I'm
interested in this new cherry type though.

Found Losetto in the local Garden Centre today. There are at least
three seed merchants selling them but on this ocassion at 6 seeds per
pack and they ain't cheap. (3.something.)

'Er Indoors flashed her birthday garden tokens and we got two packs
and another pack of Ferline for good measure so I'm relatively
relaxed. Watch this space.

The Blight has arrived. Golden Sunrise has succumbed, as has Black
Russian. Ferline, Roma and San Marzano have so far not visibly been
affected. I'll cull those that are ripe on the morrow, the rest go
for destruction.

I must say that the Ferlines have been most fecund this year with
substantial fruits, almost like beefsteak tomato. I'll sow them again
next year but I'll try and get the timing sorted better.

The blight arrived with us a few weeks ago and all our tomatoes are now
cleared from our plot. However, whilst the Black Russians succumbed early on
we did get a superb crop from both Ferline and Fantasio and then there was
the Losetto!
I planted a whole packet of seeds, that's 6, and planted out 6 plants so
100% germination. We were inundated with cherry tomatoes, totally
overwhelmed, two plants would have been more than enough for us and all our
neighbours. They are determinate plants so you just let them grow, but they
only get to about a foot tall but spread out 3ft+ making picking difficult.
Nice taste and very juicy.
Next year I intend to plant two and try them in hanging baskets.

Thanks for the warning! We also have been flooded out with toms. I
have already made two batches of green tonato chutney and have enough
toms in the freezer for two more. I have a kilo or two of ripe toms
in the freezer also. Over the next day or so I will be examining the
remaining ripe one and freezing the sound ones too.