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Default How do you like them apples!

On 2013-09-30 19:26:33 +0100, David Hill said:

On 30/09/2013 18:42, Spider wrote:
On 30/09/2013 10:44, Sacha wrote:

Quite an achievement, both in the grafting and in the conservation of
rare apple stocks. However, I wouldn't want the job of pruning it
considering the differences in vigour on just a 3-apple 'family' tree.
Now I come to think of it, I wouldn't want to mow that lawn with all
those supports in the way!

Great to see it, though. Thanks, Sacha.

When I was a youngster living in Hastings (well just outside) our Dr
was doing just that with the help of the local Parks superintendent,
they had around 60 varieties grafted onto the one tree.
Unfortunately he and his family were lost when they were flying to
their holiday home in Spain and their plane disappeared somewhere over
the channel.
David @, a dry but overcast side of Swansea Bay

Sad story, David but still one that's fascinating with regard to the
apple tree. How long is it before a graft 'takes'?

South Devon