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Default Dead fish

On 10/1/2013 4:53 PM, Derek Turner wrote:

"Growing Corn:
Fertilizer& Feeding: Corn is a heavy feeder, requiring rich soil.
Nitrogen is especially important, since corn is basically a grass. The
Native American practice of burying a fish head with the corn seeds was a
practical means of supplementing nitrogen. An inch or two of compost or
rotted manure will also work, as will feeding with fish emulsion
Watering: Water regularly, especially if you notice the leaves curling
and when the cobs begin to swell. Apply nitrogen fertilizer once the
plants are about 8 inches tall and again when they start producing
tassels. Keep the area free of weeds that will compete for food and

Once the corn had grown sufficiently, they planted beans around it - the
corn benefited from the nitrogen fixed by the bean roots, and provided a
pole for the beans. Then pumpkins or other squash were planted around
the perimeter - their scratchy vines helped to protect the corn and
beans from raccoons and other thieves.

Corn, beans, and squash were called the'three sisters'.